The Profireal Group offers its employees a modern, well-equipped workplace and excellent working conditions. We strive to be a sought after employer offering facilities and resources befitting a successful and progressive international firm. Our Junior Trainee Program helps us to acquire top talent.

Our success and growth stems from the skills, know-how and abilities of all of our employees regardless of their position in the corporate hierarchy.
Our approach to remuneration is highly performance-driven. From management to rank and file workers whose performance is measurable, excellence at the workplace is recognized and rewarded. Criteria is established regarding set plans and project-related goals for earning bonuses. The work performance of our employees is evaluated every half-year.
Because the satisfaction and motivation of our staff is extremely important to us, we regularly survey our employees concerning their degree of contentment. We carefully evaluate the results of these surveys and utilize them within human resources management, for example, to fine tune our system of employee benefits.
All of our personnel are offered our corporate program of employee benefits that include meal vouchers, an extra week of holiday annually, sick days and hot and cold drinks at the workplace, to name just a few. We enjoy helping our employees strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. If the nature of the employment allows for such, we offer our employees the option of Home Office.