Word from The Founder

David Beran

Born in the Czech city of Pardubice in 1967, David Beran is founder and majority shareholder of the Profireal Group which in addition to the Czech Republic, operates in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Russia. David Beran focuses on long-term strategic development and, together with management, runs other similarly focused groups.

Dear clients, business partners and colleagues,

creating business value and building a successful international company is a common vision of successful business people.

For me personally, it is very important to experience life to the fullest and to build long-standing and socially beneficial value; to experience life within the circle of family and close friends, to dream dreams and to fully embrace the joys and concerns of everyday life.

I believe that each of us has our own dreams and desires that we strive to fulfill...

The Profireal Group is here to help you. We are ready and able to stand beside you as you realize your dreams and to quickly and willingly help you tend to concerns and worries that all of us often have to face in life – through our wide-ranging offers of financial products, top-quality commercial projects and claim management.

We strive to provide financial resources and other services with unwavering professionalism, trustworthiness and transparency. We want for our client to have full confidence in us and to turn to us again should the need arise.

Over the more than 20 years of existence, the Profireal Group has grown into a large, solid and reputable group. Today we operate on two continents, on five markets in Europe and Russia. We continue to expand, enjoying annual growth at a double-digit rate. Most importantly though, we are providing services to hundreds of thousands of clients whose trust in us makes us very proud.

The entire staff of the Profireal Group works relentlessly to improve the quality and standards of our products and services as well as to create new offers that are based entirely on the needs of our clients.

I wish all of you a life full of happiness and success, with a minimum of concern and worry. Allow me to express my wholehearted appreciation – whether you are a trusting user of our services, one of our long-term partners or a member of the Profireal Group staff.

Without you, our dreams could never come true.