Junior Trainee Programme

GET TO KNOW THE ENTIRE FIRM AND CHOOSE YOUR FIELD – for a number of years, the Profireal Group has been offering college and university students its Junior Trainee Program (JTP).

Talented students and graduates for us form an extremely valuable source of potential employees, which is why we devote to them continously greater attention.

We offer young talent seeking experience in an international firm the possibility to develop and hone their skills and help them find their own paths to success.

The Junior Trainee Program is a meticulously devised yearlong exploration of the entire group at the end of which Trainees decide for themselves the direction they would like to take.

What do we offer to program participants and what can they most look forward to?

Individualized approach
We strive to respect the abilities, capacities and interests of our Trainees. We of course take into account their possibilities which in many cases are limited by the demands of their studies.
Travel and improving abilities in the English language
We offer Trainees participation in projects in one of the five countries in which the Profireal Group operates.
Self-awareness and self-confidence
We help all our Trainees find their own strengths and increase their value in the employment market.
Professional and personal development
We help cultivate the necessary proficiency and know-how of our Trainees in their selected fields (for example, training in communication and presentation skills).
Regular meetings with the management of the given field
Invaluable feedback and support is regularly provided to Trainees by the management of the respective Profireal Group departments.