We are a global financial services provider

With over 20 years of experience in credit solutions inspired by our customers' lives.

About Profireal Group
  • CSR support for needy children and communities

    > 1 700 000 EUR
  • Number of clients served

    > 1 500 000
  • Number of credit advisors and points of sales

    > 75 000
  • Number of disbursed loans

    > 1 900 000

We are providing services to satisfied clients on two continents.

The Profireal Group is an international financial group operating on two continents, in Europe and Asia. We provide services mainly in the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria and Russia. We are expanding into other dynamic and evolving markets as well, mainly in Southeast Asia.

We operate Looking for opportunities

PROFI CREDIT is providing consumer and business lending on two continents, mainly in the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and Philippines. We are a customer-oriented company prospering from wide-ranging global experience in the field of personal sales and we are confidently banking on long-term sustainable growth. We offer clients comprehensive loan products with a loyalty program which is driven by our efforts to best meet the demands of our clients.

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The PROFIREAL GROUP is engaged in the locating and developing of investment opportunities throughout the world. We look for long-term perspective global opportunities in various sectors from alternative energy sources, eCommerce and Big Data through to innovative online financial solutions (P2P, mobile payments, aggregators, etc.). We are also closely monitoring the latest trends in the field of Fintech.

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