Corporate Social Responsibility

Group Activities

As a modern European corporation, the Profireal Group subscribes to the principles of corporate social responsibility, such as rejection of corruption, transparency, and good customer relations. Since reputation and trustworthiness are some of our most valuable assets, we treat all partners with respect, where the objective is forging close and lasting partnerships to the mutual satisfaction of everyone involved. We are aware of pressing social problems and provide support for charity projects, where our assistance is needed most.


PROFI CREDIT, as a main partner of the Czech Committee for UNICEF, has donated 2 million CZK to the organization and has joined the program of regular donors. The programs of the United Nations Children’s Fund focus on assisting underprivileged children worldwide and helping them develop their full potential with regard to health, nutrition, hygiene, the prevention and treatment of AIDS, education and protecting children from brutality and exploitation.
Club of Cystic Fibrosis

Club of Cystic fibrosis associates patients and their families, helping them solve problems associated with this disease. It is a civic association that provides to patients varied range of social services, but provides also psychological and material support. Simultaneously Club of Cystic Fibrosis operates and informs the general and professional public about this disease. Our company contributes large sums to the operation of the Club.
The Marketa Children’s Home

Is a private facility for young individuals who are placed into institutional care and require special individual treatment. Our assistance includes direct financial aid and the organization of various events, such as children’s days and St. Nicholas Day parties. We try to bring fun and joy into the lives of the home’s young residents. The best reward is a smile on their face.
Tatana Kucharova Foundation

Through the Foundation we support projects that help seniors live at home and avoid their exclusion from society. It is about modern social services, such as personal assistance, care service, volunteering in homes of seniors and quality integration programs.
Velka pardubicka

Velka pardubicka is the biggest horse racing event in Central Europe and Profireal Group is its proud partner for several years. Profireal Group annually supports the chosen race within the horse racing afternoon at Pardubice racecourse and its financial resources help to the development of horse racing in the Czech Republic.
TK Sparta Praha – babytennis

We also financially support sport, specifically starting player in one of the most prestigious tennis club in the Czech Republic. Baby tennis in TK Sparta Praha has six teams and about fifty players. We contribute to the salary of trainers, tennis courts, to purchase balls, sportswear and tennis camps. Sparta also organizes the well-known baby tennis tour in the Czech Republic. Little tennis players of Sparta Praha are traditionally one of the best in the Czech Republic.
We are helping in other countries